Building A.I.’s, Virtual Currencies, and Collection Mechanics 1080 1080 andrew

Building A.I.’s, Virtual Currencies, and Collection Mechanics

For those who have been following our social media, you may have seen some posts about a side project that we started working on over New Years. MemoryWars: TinyWars is an android game which we built as an experiment, but ended up releasing as a full fledged anime game. You can download it here.…

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ART CONTEST! Light vs. Darkness 01-2017 1842 2016 andrew

ART CONTEST! Light vs. Darkness 01-2017

It’s a start of a new year, so why not kick it off with a fan art contest? So much of our fans loved the last art contest we did back in 2016, and we have learned a lot from the contest based on feedback we received from the participants. HOW TO ENTER Submit your…

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TinyWars 2016 Recap [Part 2] 1920 1080 andrew

TinyWars 2016 Recap [Part 2]

Back in Part 1, I discussed the amazing relationship we share with our Art Team. In this post, I want to finish recapping my thoughts about 2016 and talk a little about our goals for 2017. I ALSO want to talk about the incredible Music Team that we worked with! One of the big compliments…

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TinyWars 2016 Recap [Part 1] 1920 1086 andrew

TinyWars 2016 Recap [Part 1]

2016 Year Progress Report and Recap Been working on the TinyWars project all year, there were a few bumps in the road but we’ve finally made it to 2016. Here’s a list of some things that we had accomplished: Finished Designing all lead female roles ~2,500 Likes on the Official TinyWars Facebook Page. Released the…

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TinyWars Demo Production Begins 1920 1080 andrew

TinyWars Demo Production Begins

Today marks the beginning of the TinyWars Demo Production. Previously we had completed our gameplay prototype, which was not 100% representative of the final product. Now we are beginnig to develop the TinyWars Demo which will be as close as possible to the final product, this includes: finished animations, enhanced controls, story cutscenes, and the…

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