TinyWars Fan Art Update #2 1920 1080 andrew

TinyWars Fan Art Update #2

It’s really incredible that people are loving our project enough to actually re-create some of our characters. It’s really motivating and honoring to see so much TinyWars Fan Art! I really have a lot of respect for these people who took their time to create fan art for us, it means a lot! 3D Candy Sister…

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What is TinyWars All About? 2264 1080 andrew

What is TinyWars All About?

TinyWars is about people that are tiny, and their wars, which are also relatively tiny. A Tiny Story TinyWars is, at its core, a story, a journey and discovery of the “tiny people” as they journey through their world and learn about things which are greater than themselves. TinyWars is both a tale about the…

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Figure Update #1 2000 1125 andrew

Figure Update #1

We’ve been teasing some 3D character models on our social media and game development groups, a lot of people have been asking about them? Obviously from the image above, we’ve created actual, physical figures! (prototypes) https://twitter.com/TinyWarsGame/status/679436876466356224 It’s really an interesting feeling to see our own characters go from vague ideas, to hand drawn sketches, to detailed…

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2016 Fan Art Update #1 1280 720 andrew

2016 Fan Art Update #1

Seeing fan art and other people drawing characters from my game is a really strange and special feeling. I want to share some of the very first fan artwork we’ve ever received! It makes me so happy to see this kind of artwork and I hope we will receive more in the future. The following artworks are…

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TinyWars – Strategy, Artwork, Music, and Story! 1280 720 andrew

TinyWars – Strategy, Artwork, Music, and Story!

Hello everyone! This is our first post on the TinyWars Development Blog, I have no idea where to begin writing about this project so I’ll just introduce myself as well as the project and how it all got started! In later updates, we should be able to show off more game content, story, features, etc……

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