Important Announcement!!!

We have received SO MANY fan art submissions in the final days of our contest, please check them out! On top of this, many of the art groups that we actively post on have members who felt like they “missed out” on the contest. So many people said they totally would have entered this contest if only they knew about it in the first place.

We are officially extending the contest by 1 week. The new contest ending date is 9/19/16.

The official DeviantArt group for the competition is here! 

Increasing Winners

In order to be fair to those who have already entered before the original date, we are going to be adding MORE WINNERS to this contest! We will be adding two additional winners to this contest. These two additional winners can apply to any category in our original list of categories:

  • Best Overall Artwork (1 x winner)
  • Best Fit for “Tiny” Theme (2 x winners)
  • Most Unique Style (1 x winner)
  • Creator’s Pick (1 x winner)

On top of these original 5 winning categories, we will also be adding 2 extra that can apply to ANY CATEGORY!

7 Winners Total

It might not sound like a lot of winners, however we had never expected to have received as many submissions as we did! Had we known we were going to get over 25 submissions for this contest we would have ordered way more wallscrolls! Please understand, these wallscrolls do cost us money, and as of right now TinyWars is literally bringing in $0 in revenue. This contest, the wallscrolls, are all investments into our marketing strategy.


And I have to say that I am really pleased with how great this contest has turned out. Our fans are incredibly awesome for making fan art for this contest! I would share some of our favorite submissions, however I feel like that might seem a bit unfair to entrants. We will wait til the contest officially ends on 9/19/16 before announcing the winners, AND honorable mentions!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for entering our contest, and thank you to the new entrants who now have 10 days to complete an entry for this contest! Good luck everyone!

The official DeviantArt group for the competition is here!

Be sure to check out the original official terms and conditions before entering!

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