Figure Update #1

Figure Update #1 2000 1125 andrew

We’ve been teasing some 3D character models on our social media and game development groups, a lot of people have been asking about them? Obviously from the image above, we’ve created actual, physical figures! (prototypes)

It’s really an interesting feeling to see our own characters go from vague ideas, to hand drawn sketches, to detailed 2D renderings and finally to become a physical toy. This is definitely a milestone that is going to be remembered by all the people involved in this game!

TinyWars Chibi Fire Witch Figure

The general idea with this figure was to create a little motivational trophy we could keep around and look at while we work. This was never meant to be something for mass production! Since posting some pictures and teasing about these figures on social media, a lot of people have been asking if we would be making more and have even offered to buy these from us! I’m flattered that people like our character enough to want to buy a tiny figure of them, that’s really awesome!

Fire Witch Chibi 2 (small)

If we created some cute figures, they could definitely serve as a small vehicle to fund the development of TinyWars! I think that would be a really nice thing for us. However, current funds for our game development is already pretty tight as it is! If we were to take a gamble at mass producing some figures we would be very low on development funds, which means these would have to sell fast or else development of the game could rely on how fast the figures sell! (Mass producing is the only way we would be able to sell these at a reasonable price and turn a decent enough profit to significantly contribute to the development of our game.)

TinyWars business Cards 2 (Small)

We have a development budget, we have a marketing budget, physical figures for sale was never a factor that we thought would actually take off as an alley for funding. Now that I think about it more, this could be something we’d definitely be interested in pursuing. We would probably have to take a lot of pre-orders first before we could be confident in paying high prices to mass produce these cuties! Currently we have about total 1000 fans on social media, we are still VERY early in development, I didn’t expect artwork alone to bring in huge crowds, we still have a long way to grow.

Perhaps in the future, if we have a larger fan base and more specific interest in these figures, I’d love to open some sort of pre-orders program. Putting these figures in the hands of fans who love our game would be a dream come true, and if it means additional funds to build this awesome game, all the better! 🙂

Fire Witch CHibi on Eye Ball

We’re so early in development, I don’t want to reveal too much about the gameplay yet, which is why all these posts have been about artwork and figures. I’ll leave this one image here, this is an asset from the game, enjoy! And thanks for reading and keeping updated with the development of TinyWars! If you scrolled down this far and only looked at the pictures that’s fine too! …better follow our social media at least.