2016 Fan Art Update #1

2016 Fan Art Update #1 1280 720 andrew

Seeing fan art and other people drawing characters from my game is a really strange and special feeling. I want to share some of the very first fan artwork we’ve ever received! It makes me so happy to see this kind of artwork and I hope we will receive more in the future.

The following artworks are arranged in the order in which they were received.

1. Hand Drawn Fire Witch

Fire Witch Fan Art (small)

Artist: LaDollBlanche

This one is so unique, hand drawn with a different take on the Fire Witch character. Hand drawn work is quite special, so this Christmas present we received was really nice! Below is an image of the original character.

Wallpaper V1 1080p

2. Candy Girl’s Older Sister

As you can tell by now, we are really creative with our naming!  Though this older sister character isn’t necessarily a main character in the game, so maybe her name isn’t so important, but I promise we will have names for most of our characters by time we release!


Artist: Hyanna Natsu

This was a really cute New Years gift. Sort of a chibi-ized version of our Candy Girl’s Older Sister. And she’s holding what I presume to be a glass of alcohol. Really nailed the charactization of this girl since she’s supposed to be much older than the rest of the cast from TinyWars!

Original below:
Candy Sister Poster

3. New Character Design???

Now this one is very, um, simple. Someone visited our studio to check out our work, and after they left, I stumbled upon this wonderful piece of original character design. I don’t know if we will end up using this one. I think the person who left this design is asking for a lot of money.

TinyWars New Character (tiny)

Fire Witch Freaked Out!

So we had posted a sexy preview sketch of our fire witch. We have lots of different emotions for our characters throughout cut scenes in the game and talking parts. I figured we should use an “embarrassed” emotion and stick it in the corner.

Sexy Witch (small)

A couple days later someone (who I will keep anonymous) sent me the following image, apparently they had photoshopped our “freaked out” fire witch onto another picture. Warning immature content ahead:

Mating ladybugs

Does this count as a meme? I don’t know. But I figure if someone thought this was funny enough to take their time to photoshop in, why not? Below I have attached a PNG just in case anyone else has any creative ideas with this one. (Though I will not share or re-post anything inappropriate!)

Sexy Witch Reaction



Thanks for the fan art everyone, I love seeing artwork of our character! It energized the entire team to see that people love our characters enough to take their time to draw them for us. It truly is awesome and I can’t thank you enough! If anyone makes fan arts of our characters please feel free to email or tweet them our way!

Thank you for keeping up to date with the development of TinyWars, we have accomplished a lot of really great things last year and I can’t wait to share the soundtrack, gameplay, more character designs, and of course releasing our first playable demo!