TinyWars is a Tower Defense / RPG hybrid, that that combines the careful planning of a tower defense strategy game with the fun and adventure of an RPG. Explore new worlds and defend yourself against anything that threatens your existence!

The gameplay of TinyWars combines realtime action with careful planning and resource allocation of a traditional tower defense game. Completing quests and unlocking new items will help you succeed in this vast world. When you are tiny, anything and everything is a threat!


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Overall, TinyWars is a cute game! The gameplay is simple, perfect for anywhere on the go play.

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TinyWars offers a fun twist on the tower defense genre, with its quirky story, addictive gameplay and adorable visuals punctuated by lots of blood splatter.

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Not only are you going into an addictive gameplay experience but the graphics are bright and very eye catching, and then you transition to the world full of darkness as you go on, but it does so seamlessly and adds to the tension.

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Recent News

It’s been 1 month since our last update. All we were able to show in the previous update was a main menu and a few concept pieces: In this update, I will discuss what we have worked on since then and where the project is headed. New Character We have a look at one of […]

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The New TinyWars

Welcome to the new TinyWars! We are working every day to produce the finished product, or at least a replica of it. The “Story Demo” of TinyWars is the reflection of the final product, and likewise, the features, gameplay elements, and graphics are set to be 1:1 with that of the final game. Of course, […]

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Story Demo

Currently in production! Estimated completion:

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Feel free to play our Gameplay Prototype and experience the early stages of our developed game. Warning: The prototype does not reflect the final project in any way, shape or form.

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