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January 2020 Progress Update

January 2020 Progress Update 1920 1102 andrew

Last time we had discussed the move towards an over world where the player can have more meaningful engagements with the world and the story (most of it, completely optional).

This post is to summarize progress made in the over world, specifically the “Grass World” which is the first level of TinyWars.

Expanding the “Grass Village”

Map of the Grass Village (Areas are not laid out 100% to scale)

The grass village is split into several sections that can be viewed in a given “screen” within the game.

  • Village Center (Completed Concept Art)
  • Food Production Area (Completed Concept Art)
  • Graveyard (Completed Concept Art)
  • Stump Castle (Not Started)
  • House Area (In Progress…)
  • Front Gate / Watch Tower (Not Started)


Let’s keep the tradition of releasing a new soundtrack with this song:

This is one of the tracks that might appear in the background of this village.

The Food Production Area

This is what this village is known for; producing food that can be consumed by the village, as well as exported to the various other tiny settlements.

This area might not seem so exciting, but it is significant to the story, and there are some fun side quests to do here.

There isn’t really too much to be said about this area. This is where the tiny people can grow their food in relative peace.

The Housing Area

This was the most tricky to tackle. Primarily because tiny houses are constructed differently from normal houses. Great care needed to be put into the design of the houses to make them feel interesting, realistic, and meaningful.

Resourceful tiny people could build houses out of anything, but the idea is to create houses that seem inviting for these people as well as safe and warm.

The Housing Area has already been sketched out. It is a nice habitat for the tiny people to live happily.

There are too many fine details within this sketch to go over in this post, and I think it would be much more fun for the player to discover it themselves than to explain it all in this post.

The Inside of the Houses

For most of these houses, the player will be able to enter them. That means the inside must be designed as well.

Game Optimization

We plan to return to traditional game mechanics such as tiling systems, repeating objects, etc, to quickly build out interiors of these houses as well as keep asset size and creation low.

However, the outside of these houses are all unique, and I don’t see any other way to do this but to have each house as its own unique asset. The environment and other parts of this world can be generated using tiling and repeating objects, but the buildings will be unique.

When will the Story Demo be ready?

I feel that it is still too early to make a determination on an ETA for the Story Demo.

Pretty much all programming and coding is put on pause while we carefully plan out this game and the story. It would be reckless to put out a date at this point, but we expect to resume programming again later this year.

Thank you for following our development!

TinyWars is NOT Easy! Unit Explanation + Tips!

TinyWars is NOT Easy! Unit Explanation + Tips! 653 579 andrew

Some of the beta testers have noted that the prototype is much more difficult than expected. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Technically the prototype is supposed to take place as the 3rd or 4th real level of the game. It is not supposed to be a “first level” type of level, that would be boring.
  2. TinyWars in general is designed to be challenging! (more details below)


Unit cost difference. Melee is much cheaper!

TIP: There is a reason melee is cheaper, take advantage of it!  

Unit Explanation

Suzu (Melee Unit)


Suzu is one of two units featured in the gameplay prototype. Her attacks are melee, which means:

  • Limited attack radius
  • slow attack speed
  • powerful attacks
  • cheap unit
  • effective against shielded units
  • weak against fast units


It is advised that because of her limited range, she should be utilized more often than the range unit (which can cover larger areas of space.)

Unlike Kim, the fire witch unit, Suzu’s range does not increase when she is upgraded.


The orange icon on the right side of the unit shows the unit “level.” There is no key for this, when you upgrade the unit and see the icons it should be very intuitive.

TIP: Position Suzu close to the beginning of the path so she can inflict damage to shielded units early in the the wave. You will need to utilize more melee units than range units! 

Kim (Fire Witch – Range Unit)

GIF animation 250px

Kim is a ranged unit, her attack radius is larger than Suzu’s and will increase with every upgrade.

  • Fast attack speed
  • long range
  • high price
  • ineffective against shielded units
  • weak attacks > when upgraded extremely powerful


At first, both Kim and Suzu’s range are similar, however after upgrades, Kim’s range will soon span the entire map! (For this prototype level at least!)


It is advisable to have Kim placed somewhere in the center of the map, so that her ranged attacks can cover the most amount of area.

TIP: During the “TinyWar” segment of the prototype, be sure to put as much resources into upgrading Kim as possible! 

TinyWars is a difficult game!

The game is not designed to be easy. (Though the first levels of the actual game will be more catered to new comers and the next demo will actually have a tutorial level.) This prototype in particular is not designed to be easy: because easy would be boring. However, we hope not to create a game that is frustrating, it should have the right amount of challenge so that it is fun and feels good when you beat it!

This is why beta testing is so important, so we can test the game on technical features, but also receive feedback on the content of the game itself!

TIP: TinyWars is an “active” game, do not think that the units you place at the beginning of the wave need to be set in stone! React, buy/sell during the wave accordingly! 

Retry Wave: The Most Important Feature

Perhaps the most important feature (and glitchy) is the retry wave feature. Because this feature exists, it allows us to create a game that is significantly more difficult than other tower defense games that don’t have this feature.


Games that do not utilize this feature face a dilemma: make the level challenging and if the player fails they have to start from the beginning (frustrating) or make the game easy and it becomes boring after a while!

When the harder waves come up, it is totally acceptable to “retry wave” and try a different strategy! This is what we want. Players can experience the wave the first time around without having to commit to their decisions, as long as they “retry wave” before the wave ends, then they have a chance to replay it and get it perfect!

TIP: Utilize this feature if you are not satisfied with your performance! 

Beta Giveaway

We have received positive feedback on our proposal to enter volunteers who complete the beta testing process (within 2 weeks) into a raffle for a steam gift card. I think it is the least we can do to give back to those who put their time into beta testing our game!

TinyWars Challenge!

If you can beat the gameplay prototype (without using cheats) and capture it on video all the way through with PERFECT HP (10/10), we may consider you for a special prize. Yes you may achieve this by utilizing the retry wave feature! We want video proof though, and if we get an epic reaction or web cam that would be even better but not required!

Good luck everyone!