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Halloween 2019 Update! Fresh Start

Halloween 2019 Update! Fresh Start 1920 1097 andrew

2019 has been mostly silent as far as public posting or marketing has gone. As mentioned in the previous update, a lot of the high level planning has already been finished, now we are diving deep into every pixel and detail of the game.

The First Village (Grass Themed)

This is a core part of the gameplay, even though the game is a “tower defense” game, there is also an RPG element to it.

Each main section of the game takes place in a different village / location. In the first section of the game, we will be in the “Grass Village” (temporary name).

Top Down Scenes

Each section has different “scenes” as indicated by the red arrows at the corners of the screen. So the Grass Village is much larger than just this single scene, but this is one of many scenes within the village.

I would like to imagine each scene like a page in a story book. The scenes will be animated and various objects and villagers can be interacted with. In this sense, it should feel as if we are peering down into a lively tiny village. This top down viewpoint is the most relatable to us regular sized humans.

“Grass Village” Town Center

These four buildings in the center of the village will play a large role for side quests as well as getting some key items.

Top-Left: Candy Shop

Top-Right: Weapons Shop

Bottom-Left: Rare items Store

Bottom-Right: General Store

The player should be able to zoom in on these scenes and get a closer look at what is going on in this world. I want to design the game so you can control the characters and where they go, but you can also simply tap / click anywhere on the screen to instantly get wherever you need to.

Entering Structures

This is just a concept, not finalized, but we wanted some interesting way to enter a structure. I had always been fascinated with “cross section” drawings since I was a child; I felt that it would be an interesting way to go about this.

View from outside a structure.

Zoom in on a certain structure, tear away the front and have an x-ray view inside; Possibly we could blur out the background and let our main characters inside the structure.

This was just the concept idea we had for structures and various indoor areas in the game.

Pictured above is the “Dark Magic Shop” which is a secret structure you’ll have to locate, but the types of items you can get from this shop should prove quite useful!

Dark Magic Shop Owner

The shop owner was a new character that needed a design.

After polling the fans on Twitter and Facebook, we decided on the final color combination.

Haven’t decided on her name yet.

Other Areas

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of show regarding the other areas of the “Grass Village” as we haven’t finished the concept art for these at this time.

Tiny Graveyard

This is the graveyard. It reveals some very important details about the tiny people as well as the story.

What is the Purpose of These Areas?

In this update, we have not shown a single piece of “tower defense” gameplay. All of these areas are simply part of some RPG engine placed in a game that’s supposedly a tower defense game? What’s going on here?

TinyWars is a story driven game. The production value in the music should have given this away.

The “main” story will probably be presented in the usual way through some cinematic cutscenes that play before and after levels, however anything that goes quite deep into the lore, the backstory, all the interesting tiny details that a majority of the players may not actually want to sit through, these details are splashed throughout the vibrant world of TinyWars.

You could just go straight to the “Tower Defense” stuff and ignore most of this, though you will be missing out on a lot of small details (that may enhance your understanding of the story) and you might also miss out on the rewards / secret item unlocks that you can only get through these side quests.

The choice is up to the player if they want to skip most of these things, as I want the game to be playable by a wide variety of players who can choose their own way to enjoy the game.

I don’t think this type of game has ever been produced in this way, so I will call the genre “Story Book RPG – Tower Defense” for now.

This concept could either be hit or miss really, but that’s why it’s taken us nearly 5 years (on and off) working on this project. I think the idea is worth pursuing and we will do some extensive player testing to see how fun and interesting this idea is.

New Music

With the conclusion of this brief project update, I want to present the newest piece of music for the game.

This will be in the very first level of TinyWars (tower defense level) as the first introduction to the story as well as the tutorial. The only way to make a cool tutorial level is to have some good music!

Thank you for following the development, everyday we inch closer towards a more complete click through prototype to help present the concept. After the prototype, the “Story Demo” can finally be started. Until then, not a single line of new code has been added to the project!

Is TinyWars for Mobile or PC?

Is TinyWars for Mobile or PC? 1280 720 andrew

I get asked the question all the time: “What platform is it going to be released on?”

Of course the answer is Android & IOS. (Cool everyone gets that!) AND also for PC. And this is where people start scratching their heads…

TinyWars to be released for IOS, Android, and PC

IOS and Android are pretty self explanatory. The touch controls are identical, and most games are released on both platforms anyways. The game can be controlled via a keyboard, such as pressing “esc” will bring up the pause menu or using the arrow keys will pan the camera view. Without the keyboard, the game can be navigated exactly the same way using touch gestures or the scroll wheel on the mouse.

What about performance?

This is a video showing the newest build of the TinyWars Story Demo running smoothly on our test device, which is a HTC Google Nexus 9 Android tablet. This video is just showing the new main menu (which has lots of particles in it) and the new overworld map, which is over 6000 pixels wide and contains very high quality artwork.

The particles loaded on the mobile version and the PC version are the same. Though we do have the ability to control the assets which are loaded, depending on the operating system, we have not incurred a situation where the performance on mobile was severely limited. (We may implement options for players to disable all particle effects if it really does take a toll on their device, but we anticipate that the majority of players will have a smooth experience.)

1:1 Versions

Because the PC, Android, and IOS versions of the game will essentially be identical in every way, we are thinking about ways in which the player might be able to load their saved data from the cloud and resume their game on any device.


This would require the player to need to have an account with us, which requires database, internet connection, and other verification such as the player’s full purchase of the software and keys. Right now, this feature is on the back-burner since the Story Demo is still in the works, but it is a feature that I want TinyWars to have. This is the type of game that can be enjoyed both sitting at a computer and on the go, and this requires the player to be able to have access to their saved data at all times.

What about the transaction?

Now this is the most complicated part of the whole idea and something that needs to be planned carefully. If someone buys the game off Steam for full price, will they be able to have access to the mobile versions for free? If someone buys the mobile versions, will they be able to have access to the Steam version without paying?


I have an idea for the solution which involves the first 10 levels of the game to be completely free on all platforms. Steam, the App Store, and GooglePlay would merely be distribution centers for the game, but let’s say for example, the player completes the first 10 levels of the game, it’s an idea that a prompt might appear telling the player that they need to create an account and buy the game in order to continue.


This does solve the problem of having players accidentally be charged twice for the game if they decided they wanted both a PC and mobile version of the game. The next issue is, who would handle the transaction?

Of course, these are all problems we will have to deal with in the future, but we are thinking about these things now as it is very important to have a solid plan when these issues finally do become relevant! Since the final game probably won’t be complete for another 2 years, we do have plenty of time to continue planning this out. We’d love to see other games that employ a similar model and learn from other successful titles.


Are there other titles which are directly 1:1 from the PC and mobile versions? And how do they handle their payments? These are topic for further research.

TinyWars GamePlay Prototype Update New Features and Trailer

TinyWars GamePlay Prototype Update New Features and Trailer 720 405 andrew

This is probably going to be the last time we talk about our gameplay prototype, after this, all of our efforts will be geared towards releasing our first fully featured story demo. What is meant by “fully featured” is that this demo should contain all of the elements that are expected to be present in the final TinyWars game. But before we can get some work done on the demo, we needed to do some major upgrades on the prototype.

What’s New?

  • Updated animations and graphics

Early version of the game from 2016 (above).

How the prototype currently looks.


The animations for attacks and upgrade effects were greatly enhanced. The whole experience feels alive and the world is interesting to look at. We hope that this graphical improvement will help make this game a beautiful piece of art to look at. Unfortunately the character animations are unfinished still. Having our character animations hand drawn, frame by frame, is a very time consuming project, but it does allow us to create animations and characters that I feel are more alive and fluid than those which use 3D models converted into 2D animations. Of course, time and money is the trade off. (We will be including the full animations in the upcoming demo.)


  • Lowered Difficulty Level

Many of our early players noted that the difficulty level of this prototype was extremely difficult. Though this did lead to some very interesting playthrough videos on youtube, I thought it was for the benefit of everyone who was introduced to this game that we reduced the difficulty bar significantly. I didn’t feel like we were doing any good to potential new fans by making the game practically impossible to beat. (Let alone beat with a perfect score which was something I challenged early players to do in exchange for a wallscroll.)



Our prototype still retains a certain level of difficulty, but if you want to get past the first 2 waves with ease, then take a look at the screenshot below.

This screenshot shows what my field looked like AFTER I completed the second wave with perfect health. The numbers next to the units indicate the order in which I placed these units. If you want to pass the second wave without loosing a single point of HP, then it is advised to follow this cheat sheet above.


Is there anything else new about this prototype?

Not really. The visual enhancements were a HUGE project on their own and it really does change the entire feel of the game. There were a few animations quirks that were taken care of, but these are minor details. The whole experience comes alive through animation both in the characters and in the UI of the game. I encourage everyone who has already played earlier versions of the prototype to give this new one a try. In terms of the overall experience, while nothing has changed significantly in the story or waves, the whole experience has been enhanced, not only through animation but also through the difficulty. I believe the lowered difficulty (when I say lowered, it is still a challenge), will allow a wider audience to finally experience and enjoy this game!


Prototype Re-Launch Trailer

This trailer features some beautiful music and some of the best visuals that we have gathered over the years of working on this project. Of course, this trailer does more to show what the final game of TinyWars might feel like: emotional, fast paced, and visually beautiful. This trailer also does do a good job of paralleling the philosophy we have with this game.


We are NOT interested in jamming a story down the players throat. If the player WANTS to experience the story and is interested in investigating interesting clues left in the story, we want to implement mechanisms to allow the player to uncover the story if the WANT to. Look at this trailer a second time. You don’t have to read the fast text that appears in order to see a trailer for an anime themed defense game, however, for those who are interested in seeing what lies beneath the surface of this cute looking game, luckily, the YouTube video player has mechanisms to allow you to read the text in the words if you really want to.


However, I leave this journey up to those who are actually interested in it. We’re not going to spoon feed the story to the player. If you want to skip the cutscene, then skip it. If you want to just play and experience a cute anime themed defense game, then go for it! We won’t stand in your way and I won’t let a story that the player is not interested in, get in the way of them enjoying the game. Everybody has different levels of interest and experience when it comes to a game like this, and we want you to experience our game the way you truly want to experience it.


This trailer reflects that philosophy…  of course, on a much smaller scale. And perhaps we don’t have much of a choice with only a 30 second ad slot.


Why is this update important?

This update marks our official departure from the Gameplay Prototype build. We can finally scrap a lot of old and inefficient code and organization that was specific to this tiny build and begin construction on the larger and more optimized demo build of the game, which will lead to the final build. The reason we want to make a big deal out of this final update is also because there will be a “dry period” during this time of heavy development where we won’t be releasing much new content or updates.


The new demo build requires a lot of work before it can be considered presentable. We’re no longer in the business of showing off concepts like this prototype, we will be building out a demo that represents the final game. And the final game should reflect that of a AAA project. We don’t want any animations unfinished, and we don’t want the GUI or graphics to have any downside. But finally we can begin to dive into the meat and bones of what TinyWars is all about.


By working on a demo that reflects the final game, we will be working on a demo that shows off the actual story of the game. And this is something I have been waiting a very long time to get started on. Having the story pre-written, we took a lot of time to build out this demo and give the players a gameplay experience; and now everything finally circles back and we can begin meshing the story with the game.


I hope we will be able to get a larger playerbase on this prototype. Out of 3,000 fans on our facebook page, our android game is only reporting 100 – 500 downloads. I would love it if we could get a much wider audience on this prototype now that the graphics have been ramped up to a level which I think is above average in terms of 2D indie games. I can’t expect a large audience unless the game is good, and I think this newest update for the prototype puts the current build of the game at a whole new level of quality.


Note: We understand that our audience is severely limited due to the lack of an IOS release. We will be working on that for the story demo!



Welcome to the story of TinyWars. The new story demo is going to be the reflection of the final project, likewise it needs to feel like a AAA title worthy of being called final. Much work has gone into simply designing the main menu! But even the menu design has a story to tell! I have put a lot of attention into the smallest details of this project and I hope our efforts will be noticed in the final project.

And this is the map of the tiny world which is riddled with adventure. I can’t talk much about this world or the things we want the player to experience in it right now, but we will be excited to discuss this in the future.


The coming months may be a bit quiet, but we hope to be able to show off some powerful visuals once the demo starts taking shape. You can expect to see some very beautiful visuals such as the menu screenshot above, only I hope to be able to show off some updated gameplay as well. We have several unique gameplay features that we are unable to fit into the gameplay prototype, but will be present in the new demo. The gameplay will be slightly different, while still remaining a defense game.


Thank you for following our development. We hope to be able to share some more exciting work of the new build soon!
You can keep up to date on our game by following the official TinyWars facebook page. 

TinyWars 2016 Recap [Part 1]

TinyWars 2016 Recap [Part 1] 1920 1086 andrew

2016 Year Progress Report and Recap

Been working on the TinyWars project all year, there were a few bumps in the road but we’ve finally made it to 2016. Here’s a list of some things that we had accomplished:

There are two teams in particular that I really want to discuss. You guys have been blessed with seeing the amazing art and hearing the awesome music of our game, and I believe I should discuss our incredible art and music team a little bit, I feel the 2016 recap is an appropriate post for it!

Art Team

I do want to spend some time talking about the TinyWars are team. We have worked with a lot of different artists throughout the year for various specialized tasks, but there have been a few key artists who have stayed with the project for a very long time and I’d like to take some time to write about them.



LaDollBlanche joined the project in June of 2015, and has been working with us for over a year on various tasks! Back in the early days of TinyWars, we needed character renders. The character designs came from various artists, but we wanted one artists to be in control of the final render that will be displayed in game. And boy does she do a fantastic job rendering our characters!

There’s a high degree of consistency with her renders and shading methods, which look very high quality and detailed. As you might have noticed however, her artwork has not really been featured much in the latest TinyWars Prototype. And as of recently, the TinyWars project is finally moving into the next phase, which is story intensive. Cutscenes will be making their way to the project and we hope you will be able to fully appreciate the work and skill the she has put into rendering every one of our characters.

LaDollBlanche has been a blessing to this project and is one of the artists that I can truly rely on. She’s been with us since, essentially the beginning of the project, and hopefully play a role in the completion of it as well. The characters are the face of TinyWars, and thus, her work is the face of this project!



Chibionpu (Also goes by Nicole on DeviantArt) joined us in September 2015. I think, one of the most underappreciated assets to any project is background art, but Nicole does a fantastic job and I think her artwork is really going to shine in a project where background and perspectives is a huge emphasis. Her work is highly detailed, and one of the greatest things about her personality is the drive to continue improving and adding more and more details to pieces until they look so polished, I’m almost blinded by it!

I swear, when she first sent this piece to me, from the thumbnail, I thought it was a photograph! This is the depiction of the giant’s house from the game, and it looks like we’re viewing it from the perspective of a tiny person, really brilliant. As you have seen in the title image above this one, her background art blends well with LaDollBlanche’s character renders. The hardness of LaDollBlanche’s character renders meshes so well with the smooth, dream like details of Nicole’s background art!

Nicole is also helping us front the new design theme for the TinyWars demo. The “Book Theme” will be the permanent theme for TinyWars and will be present in the demo and the final game. Her attention to detail makes her one of the most valuable members of the art team, no one cam do backgrounds like her! Thanks for being a part of this project, it’s truly an honor to have you on our team.


Nicole has also done some of the animations for the enemy units in the prototype! She has many skills besides BG work!



Starlipop joined us in October 2015 as an animator for the in-game units. His animations, of course, is what brings the game to life. It turns a piece of software into an interactive experience, and I think Starlipop has done an incredible job with the animation work so far.

Keep in mind the animations featured in our prototype were not fully completed, but you will be able to experience the full animations in all of their glory in our next demo. We’re not using cell shaded, 3D applications to do our animations, Starlipop draws every single frame out and details them wonderfully!

With Stparlipop as our primary character animator, I can rest assured that love and attention is being put into every single frame of our game. We really are going above and beyond what other mobile game companies are doing in terms of 2D anime projects or even 2D tower defense games for that matter. We hope that our players will experience and appreciate the high production value we have put into our project.


Much of the gameplay experience will be dominated by the character animations, and we have to thank Starlipop for the work he has done on this project.


Hyanna Natsu

Hyanna Natsu joined the TinyWars project in December of 2015. Her role in the project was to help translate our ideas about our characters (relevant to the story and personality) into their physical appearances. The goal was to make sure that each character was unique and iconic in their own way, while still having interesting design and looking like they all belonged in the same world.


While Hyanna did NOT do the designs for all of our characters, she did do them for a few of our characters which have been well received by the fans.

All the girls to the right of Mary were designed by Hyanna. It’s obvious that the art style on those 4 characters doesn’t exactly match the art style of the other girls, of course, our Chief Executive Character Renderer, LaDollBlanche, will process these character designs into the final output of the game; but those 4 renders (pictured above) are Hyanna’s design renders for these characters.


One of the greatest things about working with Hyanna Natsu is her ability to turn over work, FAST! When it comes to designing new characters, it’s a lot of work to take in all our backstory, personality, and ideas and turn that into a representation. What Hyanna has the ability to do is to quickly create MULTIPLE different versions of the characters she’s designing and send them all to us to choose from. She works really fast, but she also delivers high quality work, there’s no compromise!

Now it does pain me to say this, but the last and final female main character has been designed by Hyannna Natsu not too long ago. This girl (pictured above) is not a tiny person, and is in fact someone who is fascinated with tiny people, so much so that she has been collecting artifacts of their existence in her book that she’s holding to her side.


Because this is the final female lead that needed to be designed, we might not see Hyanna involved in the project any longer. But there is no reason to be sad! These characters, that she has designed, are the main characters in the project. Little pieces of her creativity are present in those characters, and will be present throughout the game. We thank you for your work Hyanna, it’s been really great working with you.


P.S. One of my fellow indie game developers, YandereDev, had expressed interest in working with Hyanna for some unspecified work on his project. He asked me to reach out to her and connect them. While Hyanna might be leaving the TinyWars project, there is definitely a lot of opportunities awaiting her in the future, especially in the gaming world! Good luck Hyanna! You’re a rock star! 🙂


 The Art Team

While I have taken some time to specifically appreciate 4 super star members of our art team, ALL of the artists involved in the project have been amazing. The reason I took my time to write specifically about these 4 artists was because my communications with the artists in 2015 – 2016 was primarily dominated by these 4 people, they worked on projects throughout the entire year and sometimes I would be communicating with these people on a daily basis. They played a huge role in taking this project from the baby stages to a more fleshed out and materialized reality.


TinyWars would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for these 4 members. We hope, as development intensifies, and maybe if we raise some bigger funding for this project (kickstarter or Patreon in the future? We’re not ready for it right now, maybe after the first demo releases) I hope we will be able to bring on some more key members to our art team.


The art is the front facing assets that players interact with, while some of our code (my code) has been messy at times, the art really redeems a lot of those glitches. I’m working hard to refine the project behind the scenes and make everything come together through software development, but the artists provide the work that most people will really appreciate and enjoy!


If you’re interested in seeing everyone who was involved in this project, please visit the credits page.


In Part 2, we’ll talk about the Music Team!



TinyWars Demo Production Begins

TinyWars Demo Production Begins 1920 1080 andrew

Today marks the beginning of the TinyWars Demo Production. Previously we had completed our gameplay prototype, which was not 100% representative of the final product. Now we are beginnig to develop the TinyWars Demo which will be as close as possible to the final product, this includes: finished animations, enhanced controls, story cutscenes, and the implementation of the first four levels from the proposed final project.

Starting Development

So what did we accomplish on day 1? Utilizing the project files from our prototype as a base for the final build, we went through and began refining the code and fixing a lot of inefficient code in the game. It was a very tiring and frustrating day and there’s a few more days to come. So while we have not produced any new content to our game, we are refining and bringing it to that higher, commercial quality level of code that one would expect from an ambitious project such as ours. Unfortunately, I foresee these “refining” days as taking up the rest of 2016.

While the prototype might seem like a simple piece of software, there is a LOT that is happening. All of the features have been currently built out, so we aren’t looking to add anything new at this time in terms of technical features, just improving what we have already assembled as our “template” for the final project. I strongly do not wish to add new content to the project until we can refine the technical features of this game as much as we possibly can.

Fan art from Starlipop.

I spent the past few nights, drinking coffee and staying up til 3am ~ 4am improving the prototype as much as I possibly could! Most of it was spent just remembering what some of this code was even doing. Going by, feature at a time, doing my best to convert some functions into reusable scripts and just refining a few other things. I am basically just going down the list of things one at a time, starting with the most pressing issues such as the “summoning circle glitch” which still has a few holes in it. We will get through this phase! It’s for the best!

As we continue to develop and improve the project we will release updated packages for the TinyWars Prototype which was released on PC and Android. (It has not been published to GooglePlay yet, but we have added the highly requested, “double tap to summon” feature.)

Any New Content?

While we have not added any new content to the project build yet, we are still simultaneously working on gathering the assets for the final build. Most of the music for TinyWars has already been established, we will not be spending any more funds on music at this time. (I know a lot of musicians and composers have been messaging us lately since the reception for our prototype was very high on the music side of things.)

This is a WIP of our new menu design by our primary background artist, Chibionpu. This reflects the new “book theme” which I briefly discussed in previous updates. If you notice on the left page, there are various objects taped to it. The leaf with tiny footprints on it is the most obvious, the theme for TinyWars menu system is that of somebody who is obsessed with the “tiny people” and is trying their hardest to gather any scrap of evidence they can! As you unlock new characters, that page will begin to fill up with items associated with the newly unlocked character.

The key with this new demo is to get it as close to as final as possible, and this is why so much time is being dedicated even to the menu system!

*You might have seen an interesting option in this new menu design, a “Multiplayer” item which we will discuss in a future update.

New Character

Who is the “tiny people” obsessed freak who spends her days gathering clues and proof of the existence of tiny people? It is this girl!

This is how much we care about the menu system of our game. This girl, who will not appear in most of the TinyWars main story (in fact she isn’t even alive at the same time, obviously, she is guiding us through the events that happened in the tiny people’s past.) She will be useful in helping to tell the story from the perspective of a “big” person. Since the game will mainly be played by big people, we needed to make sure we had an appropriate “guide” to take us through the game and make it a little more appealing to the average audience.

People who I have pitched this idea to has received it with enthusiasm. I think it’s really going to be a great story telling mechanic.

Where Are Our Priorities?

Some people might look at this, totally revamped menu design and new character exclusively for the menu system, and think that we do not have our priorities in the right place. I hope to alleviate those concerns by reminding everyone that we already built out our gameplay prototype, and rather refined compared to some other early prototypes I’ve seen in the indie game world. The core mechanics and system of the game have been put in place. While we spend time refining them a little bit, I do think it is important to start dressing up this game in a way that is commercially viable.

Bear in mind that there is a lot of small details and things in this game that we are working very hard on, right down to the menu system having its own story! This does not mean our priorities are not in the right place, rather we hope people will see that we are passionate developers who are putting everything we can into this project and not skipping over any details!

Demo Development Timeline

There are a lot of things I can not account for, or predict accurately. TinyWars is not a one man development team, we have many talented artists working every day on this project and, depending on the type of art, it is very difficult to predict accurate completion dates. What I am able to outline for you are our general development goals.

  • Refine the Prototype
  • Implement New Menu System
  • Implement New Interface
  • Implement Overworld Map
  • Build Out Tutorial Level
  • Create First Cutscene
  • Build First Level
  • (Repeat previous two steps for the rest of the levels)

That’s it! The demo should feature 4 highly polished and very refined levels! These should be the first 4 levels from the proposed final project. I can not accurately predict any deadlines for these items at the current moment, however I am hoping that this will be completed around Q3 of 2017. I know it sounds like a long time to develop 4 levels, but there is a lot going into this project and it’s not going to be MPV status, we’re talking about pumping out the most refined demo we possibly can.


Thanks for keeping up with the development of TinyWars. Be sure to LIKE our facebook page for smaller updates and posts!

TinyWars Gameplay Prototype Ready for Testing This Week!

TinyWars Gameplay Prototype Ready for Testing This Week! 1228 1228 andrew

After all the teasing, artwork, and seemingly “random” cast of characters, we are pleased to announce that officially NONE of those connections or story will be clarified at all! This gameplay prototype serves one purpose, the backbone of the gameplay for TinyWars and gameplay, as a mechanism to deliver our story! Sorry, that has to wait for the real demo! It would be an injustice to the story if we released a buggy game attached to it!


credits-page-menu-compressed main-menu-prorotype-compressed-2 in-game-screenshot in-game-screenshot-2 screenshot-title

How to become a Beta Tester

Beta testing will begin this Thurdsay, October 20th, 2016. We have a pretty hefty list of volunteers to conduct the beta testing, however we are happy to have more!

Beta Tester Signup:

Send a message to TinyWars with your email address! That’s it!


If you don’t have facebook (which is the easiest way to get in contact with us), you may also contact us via the contact form on this website!

Plans for Beta Test

We plan to release the beta downloads in waves, once per week until the beta testers have run out! First wave will test the first beta, after we have a few days to address some common issues or bugs, we will release the revised beta to the next wave, and continue this for a span of 2 – 4 weeks before the bug free beta is released to the public!

The beta will be released on a first come first serve basis, beginning with our closest personal contacts first, then branching out to the volunteers on our beta testing roster, beginning with those who were added earliest!

Unfinished Aspects of the Beta


Many animations in the current gameplay prototype are totally incomplete! As you can see from the picture above, a lot of love and car goes into every single animation frame! We can not spare enough time to incorporate the full animations. We need to get people playing this game or else I fear that some may loose interest and hope in the project! The prototype will be the first manifestation of TinyWars as a video game.

Up until this point, all TinyWars has been was a bunch of images and characters with supposedly “interesting stories” but nothing to deliver the story. This prototype will do nothing to clarify this! But it will have somethings in it to look out for, mainly gameplay experiences.

What is in store for the future?

After the gameplay prototype has been thoroughly tested and perfected (and I don’t expect it to be 100% perfect at this point, but polished up enough), We will begin work on the actual, official, real TinyWars game! The idea being that, once the first few levels of the real campaign have been developed, we can release that as a true TinyWars demo and give the players a real experience of what is in store for them!

I hope people will get a taste for the unique story telling and tower defense/siege gameplay we want to bring to the table. Anyways, this is all for now, if you are interested in beta testing be sure to contact us!