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ART CONTEST! Light vs. Darkness 01-2017

ART CONTEST! Light vs. Darkness 01-2017 1842 2016 andrew

It’s a start of a new year, so why not kick it off with a fan art contest? So much of our fans loved the last art contest we did back in 2016, and we have learned a lot from the contest based on feedback we received from the participants.


  1. Submit your artwork to the official TinyWars DA Group. You can do this by uploading the artwork to your DeviantArt account and adding it to the DeviantArt group after it has been successfully uploaded to your account.
    How to enter
    In the sidebar of your DeviantArt deviation, you can select “add to a group” and find the TinyWars official Art Group called: “TinyWars-Artwork”
    Please make sure you select the proper folder to submit toLight vs. Darkness ART CONTEST 1-2017
  2. IMPORTANT: Make sure you include “TinyWars” somewhere in the title of the submission so it can be easily found. In the description also include: “Submission for the TinyWars 1-2017 Light vs. Darkness Fan Art Competition. For more information click here:
  3. Click here to see the DeviantArt group
  4. You can submit one fan art per day to the group! Artwork must be created during the submission period, no old artwork. (In order to be fair for artists of all skill levels, everyone should create the artwork within the same time frame.)
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This time the contest will have a theme that the artwork can be related to, that theme is: “Light vs. Darkness”

Some might be asking, “Do I have to make an artwork within the theme?” The answer is no, of course you don’t have to. However, a few of our prize winning slots are specifically for those pieces of artwork that best fit the theme. If you choose to create an entry that doesn’t fit within then theme, then you will most likely not win in any of those categories. HOWEVER, we do have other more general categories such as: “Tiny Theme” and “Cutest Artwork” that don’t have to follow along with the theme.

Just note that at least 3 of our prize winners will be pieces that are related to the theme.

You can choose to depict a battle scene or artwork of Light vs. Darkness, but you may also submit entries that focus on one side, light or darkness. In fact, we will have sub-categories that will cover best “Darkness” and “Light” side artwork.

Contest Deadline:

Start Date: Monday, January 16, 2017 (01/16/17)

Final Submission Date: Monday, February 6, 2017 (02/06/17)

Submission Limitations:

You may enter as many submissions as you’d like to this contest, however you can only ad 1 submission per day. The artwork content can be anything you want it to be, you can tell a story, you can try to keep it within the TinyWars world or you can cross it with your own OC’s or fan art. The only type of artwork that is not allowed is artwork that has nothing to do with TinyWars or artwork that contains nudity. This will be at the digression of the contest judges.


Submissions must be made to this DeviantArt folder.
You can also find the “Light vs. Darkness” DeviantArt folder at our official TinyWars DA Group!

*By entering our contest you agree to the Official Contest Rules, Terms & Conditions outlined below.

PRIZES, 12 Winners:

We will be giving away these cute key chains to the winners of this contest. These are 2 inch tall key chains with standard key ring.

The last contest we had 5 winners, but we did not expect so many people to enter our contest so this time we have increased the winners to 12. There will be a minimum 12 prize winners in this contest! If the contest entries get a lot larger than we expect then we will also increase the number of prizes, however for the minimum, it will be 12. (1 key chain per winner)

Character References and Details

TIP: If you google image search “TinyWars + (The name of the character) you will find more than enough references for these characters!

Light Side

The “Light Side” is just a general term used to describe the “good guys” in TinyWars. This terms is not officially recognized in the game as it is simply an easy way to identify the characters for this contest. The members of the light side include: Mary, Suzu, Kim, Amy, Amy’s Older Sister, and possibly Kumo (Nobody knows much about Kumo)?

Character names from left to right: Kumo, Suzu, Kim, Mary, Amy, (Amy’s Older Sister).

Other Characters include:

This is the Stump King, you will see him a lot in the first chapter of TinyWars. He rules of the stump kingdom pictured below.

The stump kingdom is a humble, self sufficient tiny village where most of the food for the entire tiny kingdom is produced.This village serves as the food source for the rest of the tiny kingdom. The whole kingdom is pictured below.

(Top-Middle) Stump Kingdom, (Top-left) The Big People House, (Top-Right) Candy Castle where Amy lives, (Bottom-Left) The Mines, (Bottom-Middle) Main Kingdom covered in a mushroom.

This is the entire Tiny Kingdom. Those shows the place where most of the “good guys” reside.

This Big Girl

We can’t talk much about her, but she is seen in the menus of the game reading the “TinyWars Book” which is basically the menu system for the game. Again, she is a big girl, but technically on the “good” side even though she doesn’t interact much with the tiny people. In fact, that TinyWars book is a book that she uses to collect evidence, and tiny things, her book contains “proof” that the tiny people are real! If I could describe her in one word: Obsessed.


Again, the “Dark side” is just a generic term used for the sake of the contest and is never officially used as a label for the antagonists of the TinyWars story, don’t worry we’re not that lazy!

The Darkside is obsessed with the blood of “Mother.” It will be established early on in the game that one of the top theories for the origins of the “tiny people” is a curse put on them by an evil witch for some sins that the tiny people’s ancestors had committed. These details aren’t too important to the “dark side” however what is important is the battle between the tiny people and the witch which happened long ago.

This battle might be a great idea for a contest entry, hint…

The witch ended up finding the tiny people, (as they had stolen from her) and she began stomping on their village (and the tiny people). Eventually all the tiny people banded together and killed the evil witch (With the help of the Crows too.) However, the tiny people (who were already divided into two tribes) had a dispute over what to do with the corpse of the witch. One side in particular (the side we will be calling the “dark side”) decided to eat the flesh and blood of the witch.

THIS is the source of the magic that you see the tiny people using. Some tiny people have access to it, while others do not. MOST (but not all) of those who are on the light side have never partaken in the “blood of mother” and thus are unable to use magic. However, some, such as Kim, are capable of using magic, so it might be interesting to think about what that means for Kim or possibly her family, and why she is able to use magic.

The Crows

The crows are recurring characters in TinyWars, though they are not necessarily “main characters,” they have played an important role.  First, we must establish that one of the food sources for the crows is the tiny people themselves. The crows feast on the tiny people. However, the crows did band together with the tiny people to kill the evil witch, as the evil witch was quickly depleting the crows source of food (tiny people). Much like the “darkness” side, you can bet that some strange and supernatural things happened to the crows after they helped kill the witch. (Try to imagine, how would crows help kill a person?)


Don’t forget that the enemies seen in the TinyWars Prototype are also considered “Dark Side” material.

Other than that, we really can’t go into too much detail about the lore and story of TinyWars without spoiling it too much. Hope this information is helpful! Good luck and mos importantly, HAVE FUN!

Official Contest Rules, Terms & Conditions

  1. In no way is this competition sponsored by, or affiliated with DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform.
  2. There will be a minimum of twelve (12) unique winners. No single person may win more than once in this competition.
  3. Users may submit more than one submission, however please limit submissions to once per day.
  4. We reserve the right to revoke an entry/entrant for any reason.
  5. Entrant agrees to license non-exclusively, the right for TinyWars (and Bizurk Software) to post on social media, announcements, website or any other media, and anywhere on the worldwide web, submissions made to this competition.
  6. Submissions must be submitted to the TinyWars-Artwork DeviantArt group.
  7. The submission entry period is 1/16/17 – 2/6/17. Submissions must be made before midnight on 2/6/17.
  8. In no way will TinyWars, its sponsors, affiliates, employees, owners or the aforementioned sponsors/promoters of this giveaway, members, affiliates, or any other organization be responsible for any loss of property, special or incidental damages, injury or death, arising from or relating to this giveaway/contest or the prize.
  9. Under no circumstance will anyone employed by or working under with the aforementioned sponsors, TinyWars, or promoters be eligible for winning a prize in this contest.
  10. Winner will be announced within 2 weeks after the end of the submission period. Winner is responsible for contacting us and claiming their prize.
  11. It is the responsibility of the entrant to check social media posts and announcements regarding this giveaway/contest, updates, winner(s) and to claim prize if entrant is a winner.
  12. If winner does not claim their prize, a new winner may be selected, or the prize may be distributed to someone else.
  13. Winner agrees to allow the host of the giveaway to announce his or her full real name on the web, public, or any other medium, so that the winner may claim his or her prize.
  14. Contest is open to United States residents as well as international entrants.
  15. If the cost to ship prize internationally exceeds the value of $6 USD, the winner may be asked to pay for the shipping of the prize. Shipping for United States residents will be free.
  16. The official contact page regarding all inquiries or prize claiming should be made here:
  17. These rules may be subject to change without notice*