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01-2017 Fan Art Contest Winners

01-2017 Fan Art Contest Winners 863 712 andrew

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The winners of the very first 2017 TinyWars fan art contest have been chosen! Thank you very much for entering.


I really enjoy hosting these types of contests. It really helps us see where people are in terms of their understanding of our concept and story. These contests totally help us understand our fans better and I hope everyone who entered found it to be rewarding!


Some kind words from Sean Braganza of (one of the judges for this contest!)

” TinyWars’ art contests never fail to bring out some of the best of DeviantArt, and this latest one is no exception. It’s always fun seeing such an outpouring of vivid color, anime-love and overall enthusiasm around a game still heavy in development.”


Here are your badges, please display them proudly on your DeviantArt submission!















Thank you for entering! 🙂 



If you were selected as a winner, please message us using your official DeviantArt account here!

TinyWars Fan Art Contest 2016 Winners!!!

TinyWars Fan Art Contest 2016 Winners!!! 575 575 andrew

Congratulations to everyone who entered this contest! Judging this was really hard, there were so many incredible entries (more than we ever expected!) but only 7 winners to choose. Here are the winners!



If your entry was one of the 7 winning entries, you may feature this badge on your DeviantArt entry description! It would help us a lot. Congratulations!

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Feel free to include this little badge in your DeviantArt entry description if your piece was featured as an Honorable Mention! 🙂

Honorable Mentions are also included in the slideshow above as well. Please check to see if your artwork was awarded!

Additional Honorable Mentions:


Shoutout to Citaru

Another great and dramatic pose for Suzu!


Shoutout to  DrawXAngel 

Love your take on our character posters!


Shoutout to emiyana

The size, the pose, and Kumo’s expression is so fitting!


Shoutout to  Annacchii

This is one cute Eve!


Shoutout to Ithieldaer

The happiest looking tiny artwork!” – Chibionpu (Contest Judge and Artist)


Shoutout to  MiahWolf for this very cute piece of Kumo! 


Shoutout to Raisence

The idea is super cute! I never thought about tiny people traveling with balloons like that!


Shoutout to abrina Moody. This is lovely!