2019 Update – Continuing the Project

2019 Update – Continuing the Project 1108 720 andrew

It’s been 2 years since I touched the project. Most would have given up by now, I don’t blame the fans if they lost hope, however I want to announce that I have the full intentions of finishing the long awaited “Story Demo.”

What Happened All This Time? I made a lot of connections.

For those who are interested, my journey as an aspiring indie game developer came to a halt when I officially put this project on hold late 2017. A little over 2 years I spent focusing on business matters with Bizurk as well as a new adventure, UltraMunch.

Through these projects, I have had the opportunity to expand my reach in the industry. I had a wonderful opportunity working with many larger game companies such as Azur Lane, Honkai Impact 3rd, etc with UltraMunch.

On top of having a great experience working with these larger game companies and helping them manage various influencer marketing campaigns, I also had the wonderful opportunity to work with some of the largest anime/gaming influencers on YouTube!

All of this work and opportunities have strengthened my ties to the industry, and I feel a lot more confident being able to secure the success of TinyWars knowing that I have made so many friends in this industry.

I still have a long way to go of course, but looking back on it, who was I when I first started TinyWars? I didn’t know anyone in this industry and I just had a dream without much of a plan on how to make it succeed. As I worked on the project and continued to funnel money into the development of artwork, animations, and music, the lingering thought always haunted me.

“How will this actually succeed?” “Will I ever make the money back that I invested in this?” etc…

Now, having taken a break from the project, and disappointing some 3,500 fans we had on Facebook, I have a more solid vision of how I could actually make this project something that could succeed and not just become another indie game that nobody will hear about.

I apologize for abandoning the project for more than 2 years, but I feel it was necessary and if I hadn’t focused my attention on the other projects, I would still be a nobody in the industry without a plan or connections. To be clear, I don’t think I am some hot shot in the industry, I still have a long way to go, but I definitely have been noticed by some of the biggest industry players and there is actually some potential for this to really succeed now as before, it was mostly luck and hope that someone would notice the project.

How Will You Proceed?

I don’t want to dive too deeply into technical issues or the programming side of things. I already know that basically the entire game should be built from the ground up again.

However, what I will say is that I want TinyWars (at least the first chapter) to be free. So basically the first chapter of the game will serve as the demo. And if we think it is viable, we will charge a flat fee to give players access to all the upcoming chapters as we release them in real time as they are finished.

Currently we have planned for 5 Chapters total but that may change later on. To be clear, the Story for TinyWars has already been written long ago and I’m very happy with it. So if we add more chapters it doesn’t mean that the story has changed but maybe we want to give more content or make it feel more compelling why anyone should buy the game.

I think of this like the “Minecraft” approach to it. Pay one time and get future updates.

Only in this case, hopefully you guys will be excited and wanting to know what will happen next!

What is a “Chapter”

This design is NOT Final

Each Chapter will have many levels within it. The Chapter constitutes a section of the world in which the current story takes place.

So in the case of the first Chapter, it takes place in what is currently dubbed the “Grass Village.” I’m not very good with names for these places, hopefully we’ll have a cool name for it later.

Further chapters will have their own settings and will unlock new locations on the map for players to visit.

ETA for the Finished Demo?

I can’t make any promises at the moment, that would only lead to disappointment. I have my own internal deadlines and goals, but I will not publicly announce them unless I am certain of them.

For now, I just want to publish my intention to return to the project again and finish what I started.

Are You Busy?

Yes. I am still going to be busy with my duties for the various companies and projects I have started.

Thankfully, as our team has grown, I no longer am fully running the show by myself. So I have dedicated certain days of the week to be for passion project, of which TinyWars is one of them.

I have so much to say about TinyWars and the future direction of the game, but I don’t have much to show for it. Once I have some more concept art from our amazing concept artist, I will be sure to post more updates with better details.

Thank you for your support,

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