Running our game on a mobile device for the first time is very exciting!


A figuring of one of our characters, Kim, stands and supervises the mobile development testing. The game appeared to be running flawlessly at a consistent frame rate. However a few of the controls (such as pan and zoom) did not translate over to touch, so the Android version will have some special tweaking done to it before the package is uploaded to the Google Play store!

Android Release Soon


Once our private beta testing for the PC version is complete and we’re satisfied with the final prototype (which will still be lacking in many aspects such as: animations, graphics, visuals, etc.), we will release the gameplay prototype to the public as a PC download here on our website as well as an app on the Google playstore.


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RT @misaki_cradle: 冴えカノ13巻献本頂きました。来週20日発売です。帯にも書かれてますが13巻を以て冴えカノは完結となります。振り返ってみると約5年間あっという間でした。この作品に携わることが出来て良かった。感謝! #冴えカノ…
An update on where we are at with the visual development of the new demo. We got light rays, light spots, dust part……
RT @hiiragiryo: [お仕事告知] 9月8日発売のコミックス『クロックワーク・プラネット』の8巻の装丁担当しました。春にアニメも放送され、原作・コミカライズ、アニメロゴ、パッケージ、ポスターなど全般担当させて頂いております。よろしくお願いしますー。https://t…