Congratulations to everyone who entered this contest! Judging this was really hard, there were so many incredible entries (more than we ever expected!) but only 7 winners to choose. Here are the winners!



If your entry was one of the 7 winning entries, you may feature this badge on your DeviantArt entry description! It would help us a lot. Congratulations!


This piece by BLxINK has one of the most unique styles we've seen for an Eve drawing! Crayon drawing with epic gradients and awesome effects! 

"The confidence and power of this particular artwork left me in awe, i think it's an amazing artwork." - Chibionpu (Contest Judge & Artist)

"Traditional media and nice effects? This is amazing! Not sure about the category ^^'' - Hyanna-Natsu (Contest Judge & Artist)

"Love the pose and overall feel! I feel a sense of power from this drawing." - Ayasal (Contest Judge & Artist)

Congratulations and thanks for entering our fan art contest! 


Nonzev's Entry has been chosen as the winner for the "Tiny Theme" category! 

"Super cute! The composition of this piece fits the 'tiny' theme very well, there's lots of 'tiny' action going on! (´・ω・`)" - Anonymous Judge

"Love the expressions used on each of the characters; it is what emphasises their small size and near struggle with battling forces larger than themselves!" - Sean Braganza (Contest Judge & Owner of Higher Eclectic Ground) 

I personally think this entry is very cute and fits will with our upcoming demo! 


This hand drawn entry from Moriartea-chan really shows us how incredible traditional art can be, way to go! 

"Her expression is adorable to the point where it's hard to look away." - Chibionpu (Contest Judge & Artist)

"This drawing is adorable! The fact is made in paper really impresses me (because not being able to re-do, edit, easy erase, put it in another level!). Her expression is very well done, and all the shading gives a good sense of depth! I just love how simple, but yet colorful this drawing is, also the bubbles are so well drawn, makes me want to pop them!" - Hyanna-Natsu (Contest Judge & Artist)

"Really good use of traditional materials! The bubbles are really well done (´・ω・`)"  - Anonymous Judge

Thanks for taking your time to draw this for us! 


This entry from Krisahe received a lot of attention from our judges! 

"The sense of motion and the size of the things is great, you clearly can see she is running after putting fire in something there! Hahahaha x) and the plants around with a bit of the fire are a good touch. Maybe pay more attention to details like the perspective of the hat? Otherwise, the shading is interesting, like in her "magic wand", I can almost touch the hair pin and the ladybug!" - Hyanna-Natsu (Contest Judge & Artist)

"Incredibly artistic and soft, also amazing lightning!" - Chibionpu (Contest Judge & Artist)


Now this entry from ShiyumiChan was actually tough to decide as a winner. You're asking "why would you say that" Look at how beautiful it is!" True, but there was much debate over whether or not this piece qualifies since it's technically not complete! In the end however, complete or not, I think we can all agree that this is still an amazing entry! 

"Please finish this! It's not too late to finish this masterpiece!" - Andrew Taraba (TinyWars Creator) 

"If Shiyumi just had finished it would be soooo great, the shading was coming out so beautiful, I was excited to see the bottle in the background shaded, as well the mushrooms finished, this already looks amazing the way it is!" - Hyanna-Natsu (Contest Judge & Artist)

"It's easy to overlook this as a standard art piece; but taking a closer look, one notices leaves, blades of grass, a towering tree-stump castle, a moon & clouds held high and the setting sun in the distance -- all of which tower over our character here who suddenly seems tiny against it all. And indeed she is; her expression and stance conveys mischief and hurried happenings, as if she must disappear before the rest of the 'bigger' world wakes up."  - Sean Braganza (Contest Judge & Owner of Higher Eclectic Ground) 

"I really like this concept and depth of this drawing which clearly shows how "tiny" she is compared to her surroundings! It is a shame that it is unfinished or this would for sure be my top pick!"  - Ayasal (Contest Judge & Artist)


iorisu's entry makes an incredible impact, just looking at it is visually engaging. I don't want to take my eyes away from it, it's simple yet interesting in a beautiful way! 

"'Most Unique Style' Beautiful and eye catching" - Ayasal (Contest Judge & Artist)

"Perspective is always so hard to draw, and this one has motion too, very nice! I like that the spider is in her head x) and all the flowing dress!" - Hyanna-Natsu (Contest Judge & Artist)

"While I might not be on the creative team, I should believe I share sufficient knowledge of the game, its universe and art to know that iorisu's piece is perfect enough to fill my loading screen when I pick up and play TinyWars." - Sean Braganza (Contest Judge & Owner of Higher Eclectic Ground) 

"Most interesting perspective and incredible attention to details." - Chibionpu (Contest Judge & Artist)


Before we announce the #1 Winner for this contest, we must address some honorable mentions! 

Unfortunately we do not have enough prizes to give out to ALL the entrants, as much as we would love to, we can only choose 7 winners. Here are some honorable mentions. Images that were chosen by the judges, but did not receive enough votes to make it into any winning category. 

These images are still amazing and we hope you would agree! 🙂 

Honorable Mention #1

This is such a bright and colorful entry, honestly I would love this as a poster! Thanks ricetoast

"The amount of work put into this picture is worth commending!" - Ayasal (Contest Judge & Artist)

Honorable Mention #2

Awesome entry from MariaRibita

"Adorable style! easy on the eyes!" - Ayasal (Contest Judge & Artist) 

"There's something very minimal yet expressive about the way this has been designed. I could see it being made into a stamp/sticker as official TinyWars mechandise; and I can certianly see it slapped on the books, bags, purses and lockers of school going girls!" - Sean Braganza (Contest Judge & Owner of Higher Eclectic Ground) 

"Very detailed and overwhelmingly cute, looks professional and delightful!" - Chibionpu (Contest Judge & Artist)

Honorable Mention #3

HyotouHime really did a great job with this one, the pose and the movement perfectly captures Suzu. On top of that, you really nailed down her look, a beautiful, elegant melee girl, whose not mean looking or angry looking! 
While this particular piece did not receive votes for any particular category, I (TinyWars creator) nominate this entry to Honorable Mention! Thanks for entering! 🙂   

Honorable Mention #4

Great style and artwork! Reechio clearly has a lot of skills and I think will become a great and popular artist! 

Honorable Mention #5 

This is a great render of Eve from luce1301. The addition of the particles adds some depth to this piece, the lines and coloring is spot on! Thank you for entering! 

Honorable Mention #6

Entry from Sunnyre

"The idea is cute, for they being under some tiny plant, and because I would like to see these two characters talking to each other, seems like a friendly moment! Also the tiny spider above them is cute, I want to grab it and snuggle!" - Hyanna-Natsu (Contest Judge & Artist)

"Nothing better than sitting under a shady sprout to show how small Kim and Kumo are! Keep working hard, I'm sure you'll improve lots~"  - Anonymous Judge


Honorable Mention #7 

Entry from tzubright containing all of the characters! 

"A group picture really suits this category! Most of the cast is here to represent TinyWars, and each of their poses really suits their respective character~"  - Anonymous Judge

"I really adore the way you lined up all the characters for a group pose. Keeping Eve and Kumo together is an insightful idea and the expressions that the characters have is pretty spot on!" - Andrew Taraba (TinyWars Creator) 

...AND THE #1 WINNER IS.......


OrendiLaran's Entry is the Creator's Pick with the most votes! Congratulations! 

"Super lovely! The background's contrasting style really brings the character out with a "pop!""  - Ayasal (Contest Judge & Artist)

"The overall setting makes me fell warm also calm, I love it. Each detail is well done and adorable, the bottles makes me want to touch them! I would say to pay more attention to making the character like being in the background, I'm not sure where she is sitting, maybe some leaves in front of the dress would be enough do give this effect! C: The mushrooms are also beautiful, the texture used to draw the background add a nice effect to it, oh almost forgot to mention! This drawing also make me realize how small she is!" - Hyanna-Natsu (Contest Judge & Artist)

"OrendiLaran's beautiful emphasis on ambiance is what easily has her bag the win from the rest of the competition, in my humble opinion. What makes this ambiance so effective is what she's chosen to populate Kumo's environment with, the colors she's used to fill them with and her use of varying focus. The jars and potion bottles strewn against the foreground have me curious to learn more of what's in them, but at the same time they don't distract me enough to take my eyes away from Kuno; she's really pulled off the focus aspect off skillfully. And then of course there's here use of light that brings new life to everything; the way it bounces off the various scenic elements and the position of its rays above Kumo -- yes, the most artistic piece of this year's Fan Art contest is this." - Sean Braganza (Contest Judge & Owner of Higher Eclectic Ground) 

Congrats for being the Creator's Pick for the TinyWars 2016 Fan Art Competition! You did a really great job on this, and I hope you will continue to make fan art for us in the future! We have a lot of wonderful characters and things to share and I'm glad you took the time to enter into our competition, your work really caught the attention of everyone who judged this competition. 




Feel free to include this little badge in your DeviantArt entry description if your piece was featured as an Honorable Mention! 🙂

Honorable Mentions are also included in the slideshow above as well. Please check to see if your artwork was awarded!

Additional Honorable Mentions:


Shoutout to Citaru

Another great and dramatic pose for Suzu!


Shoutout to  DrawXAngel 

Love your take on our character posters!


Shoutout to emiyana

The size, the pose, and Kumo’s expression is so fitting!


Shoutout to  Annacchii

This is one cute Eve!


Shoutout to Ithieldaer

The happiest looking tiny artwork!” – Chibionpu (Contest Judge and Artist)


Shoutout to  MiahWolf for this very cute piece of Kumo! 


Shoutout to Raisence

The idea is super cute! I never thought about tiny people traveling with balloons like that!


Shoutout to abrina Moody. This is lovely!



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