We have a new character brewing! We have mixed a few different design elements into this girl to make her cuteness a little more potent. We hope that you will find her backstory to be a refreshing twist of both happy and depressing ingredients. We’ve been mixing many new features into the demo that we’ve been teasing […]

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Game development and coding in general can get very messy, very fast! Since we still don’t have something that I deem worthy to release to the public, I thought I might take this time to show our workflow. Take Notes! Most coding software and languages support in-code notes, however that certainly may not be enough, […]

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Back in February, we teased this gameplay render (pictured below). A lot of people thought the witches were cute and the lighting effects were on par. This is a test level containing various objects and a basic path structure for testing various features. Of course deep down inside, I always had this anxiety that I didn’t really […]

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Hello everyone! This is our first post on the TinyWars Development Blog, I have no idea where to begin writing about this project so I’ll just introduce myself as well as the project and how it all got started! In later updates, we should be able to show off more game content, story, features, etc… […]

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RT @misaki_cradle: 冴えカノ13巻献本頂きました。来週20日発売です。帯にも書かれてますが13巻を以て冴えカノは完結となります。振り返ってみると約5年間あっという間でした。この作品に携わることが出来て良かった。感謝! #冴えカノ https://t.co/G…
An update on where we are at with the visual development of the new demo. We got light rays, light spots, dust part… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
RT @hiiragiryo: [お仕事告知] 9月8日発売のコミックス『クロックワーク・プラネット』の8巻の装丁担当しました。春にアニメも放送され、原作・コミカライズ、アニメロゴ、パッケージ、ポスターなど全般担当させて頂いております。よろしくお願いしますー。https://t…