WINNER #12 - Yana-Miceva

This piece from WinRoe is is our first pick for the 12 winners of this contest! Kumo's spider vs. Mushy. This is a battle we never expected! The great duel between two ordinary monsters. I wonder how that might play as a minigame in one of the levels? It's okay to get inspiration from fan art right? The expressions on these characters gives them their own personality. Mushy, an otherwise normal monster, now has a personality and I almost feel sorry for him! 

WINNER #11 - SoloEsper01

This is an entry from SoloEsper1. It's interesting because Amy and Suzu are not "enemies." Perhaps Suzu has a dark past and Amy's bright personality offsets that? However, I will give a few brownie points because this was the very first entry we received. (That's not the reason it was chosen.) But this fan art contest had a rough start... so this entry really brought a smile to my heart! 

Some people might say, "That's not Light vs. Darkness" but I think it is. Even though Amy and Suzu are on the same side, there is a stark contrast between them. Even the members of the same "side" can be contrasted from Amy's innocence to Suzu's darkness. 

WINNER #10- Yana-Miceva

This piece from Yana-Miceva is the 1oth pick for this contest! It might be difficult to recognize for some people, but there are elements in this image that are references to other TinyWars posters that we have made in the past. I really like the fact that those references are there, it really shows knowledge of our platform and project. 

Congratulations and thanks for entering our fan art contest

WINNER #9 - SakuraTetis-21

Entry from SakuraTetis-21, while Mary and Kim are technically on the same time, it is accurate that their relationship in the beginning of the game isn't exactly so friendly. And there is something dark about Kim, but we won't talk about that here!!! Thank you for entering and congratulations! 🙂 

WINNER #8 - Miscalculated

There is something extremely cute about Miscalculated's entry. I really can't put my finger on what exactly makes me so interested looking at this entry, I think it's the eyes. The characters look almost like little fairies floating around Mary. While not exactly accurate to the game, I think that the troubled expression on Mary's face makes me wonder about what could be bothering her. Perhaps those "fairies" floating around her head are actually her thoughts of the lives of these characters as she commands them in battle... 

WINNER #7 - Ruumen

Eve tickling the chin of Kim. (That's not the actual title!) This entry from Ruumen was chosen because it depicted the theme of this contest, but rather than showing the typical Mary vs. Eve, it's Eve spending some time with Kim. Who knows what the two might be plotting, but it looks like Kim doesn't want to do whatever Eve is asking her do it. Will Kim end up doing it anyways??? 

WINNER #6 - iiWaterfallii 

Here's another theme capturing entry from iiWaterfallii. From this piece we can  see a more evil side of Eve. The eyeballs in the background, watching Mary's every move. This is a good piece that captures the theme and some tension between the two characters. 

WINNER #5 - DrawXAngel

This really gives a great vibe for the theme of this contest! DrawXAngel made a wonderful looking scene that reminds me of something that might play right before the big fight scene like a loading screen or something. This is definitely a dynamic image that draws attention from one side of the image to the other. It does a great job of illustrating the Light vs. Dark theme. Great work! 

WINNER #4 - ZeroZephy

This entry from ZeroZephy is actually one of my personal favorites. The style in which the characters are drawn is extremely cute and the color combination really makes me happy just looking at it! 
The low angle pointing up really makes this "tiny" scene look like any other scene. Whenever someone makes a fan art that includes monsters from our prototype or personality traits of our characters, it makes me really happy to know people are able to gather the hints and clues about these characters. 

Kumo's curiosity with Suzu's non-nonchalant attitude and Kim's ecstatic reaction all play into their personalities quite well! The play on the theme, showing a sort of harmony between the monsters and the characters is a nice touch. It is all of these little details that makes this piece one of my personal favorites! Thank you! 

WINNER #3 - Nonzev

This entry from Nonzev really blew me away when I first saw it. Eve and Kim standing on top of roses, having a duel to the death, it is very eipc! And maybe it's just a coincidence, but the projectile that Eve shoots happens to be purple! There's so many things I love about this piece, from the cute almost "chibi" style, to the dramatic action and lighting in the middle of the image, and the "tiny" theme is well represented! 

This is a very iconic looking piece and I'm so happy this was entered into our competition! Congratulations! 

WINNER #2 -  Iorisu

iorisu's entry almost has this sense of "motion" in the image that draws the eye closer. I really like how it grabs my attention right away. This is another interesting play on the theme however, because it doesn't exactly show "Light vs. Dark" but it does help illustrate a likely interaction that these young characters might have with each other, regardless of what side they are on. There's some interesting space things going on in the background, all of this just helps to draw some interest in the scene. 


Before we announce the #1 Winner for this contest, we must address some honorable mentions! 

Honorable Mention #1 - 2pKattyKitty

This is an entry from 2pKattyKitty. Believe it or not this one actually made me laugh when I say it. (I found it quite humorous.) 

Honorable Mention #2 - Mochiicy

Awesome entry from Mochiicy. The artists released a coloring of Eve shortly after the contest ended, and I'm really blown away by it. Please check it out! 

Honorable Mention #3 - Hbhmln

This is a piece from Hbhmln. This is actually the first ever fan art we have ever received of this particular character. She is the "big girl" from TinyWars. Her submission is appropriately titled. What's her name? Hmmm we don't know yet... or do we? Thanks for entering, it's an honor to receive fan art! Now all of our characters have at least one fan art! 🙂  

Honorable Mention #4 - Bunniikitty

This is a great traditional piece from Bunniikitty. Though this piece didn't fit the theme of "Dark vs. Light," the coloring and detail that went into this piece definitely makes it Honorable Mention material! Thank you for entering! 🙂 

Honorable Mention #5 - Jiji

This is a traditional entry from Jiji. Jiji was a facebook entry, so unfortunately I don't have a DeviantArt link to share with you guys to follow! However, take a closer look at this piece and think about what type of girl Eve might be. 

Honorable Mention #6 - Kelly

This is an entry from Kelly. Kelly was a facebook entrant so unfortunately I don't have a follow link for her! 🙁 This was a pretty cute picture of Kim! Thank you for entering! 


Honorable Mention #7 - RZAristides

This entry from RZAristides is a traditional sketch of Eve with the skeleton. Skeleton of who? you'll have to do your research and find out! Though maybe the scale might not be right, this picture is accurate and true to the story of TinyWars. 

Thanks for entering! 

...AND THE #1 WINNER IS.......


RiceToast's Entry is our pick for best theme fit! Congratulations! 

This piece really speaks volumes about the theme. It's an action packed scene featuring the lore from the TinyWars world including the setting and monsters! Really nailed it with the "sizing" and the bottom-up perspective makes this action scene all the more interesting. 

I absolutely love this piece and I know it would be a great wallpaper or loading screen design! Thank you for entering our contest and congratulations on winning! 



The winners of the very first 2017 TinyWars fan art contest have been chosen! Thank you very much for entering.


I really enjoy hosting these types of contests. It really helps us see where people are in terms of their understanding of our concept and story. These contests totally help us understand our fans better and I hope everyone who entered found it to be rewarding!


Some kind words from Sean Braganza of (one of the judges for this contest!)

” TinyWars’ art contests never fail to bring out some of the best of DeviantArt, and this latest one is no exception. It’s always fun seeing such an outpouring of vivid color, anime-love and overall enthusiasm around a game still heavy in development.”


Here are your badges, please display them proudly on your DeviantArt submission!















Thank you for entering! 🙂 



If you were selected as a winner, please message us using your official DeviantArt account here!

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